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Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean


"Vanilla is as close as you get to eating our pure M&H ice cream base. If you make vanilla, you can't dress it up with anything else. You can tell the quality of the ice cream, and it either stands up, or not." - Steve, as dictated to (and recorded, without permission) by Andy late one batch-making session! X-D

Despite being synonymous with plain, vanilla is anything but. It is a tropical fruit, and, done right, can be exquisite.


M&H's take on this classic high-quality flavour is made with two kinds of vanilla; extract and bean.


    Contains dairy.
    Whilst every effort is made to clean, and reclean equipment, our ice cream is made in a kitchen that stores and uses nuts and gluten.


    Cash / Card upon delivery only - if out when delivered, stock will be returned to inventory and will not be re-delivered.


    Make sure you are IN during the delivery window. If you are out when delivered, we cannot leave ice cream on the doorstep!

    We will try to contact you and hold the ice cream, but will then return it to the stock.

    We reserve the right to refuse delivery if you are persistently out upon delivery.

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